Since 1919 the OK Garage has been servicing our community with quality and trusted auto repair services.

We intend to keep the tradition going...with a twist.

Drone Aerial - June 2018

We’ve done quite a bit of in-fill redevelopment but this one is going to be a challenge.  There are also few projects that we’re willing to give up our “Stag’s ____” naming scheme for but this 99 years of history trumps that preference! 

Restaurant, pub, auto repair - all three - or another idea?!

We are purchasing this historic property for redevelopment. This auto repair facility has been open since 1919 years - and we’d like to see the tradition continue! What would you like to see here?

We have some ideas but are very open to suggestions.  See the "Alignment Transmission" building in the aerial? This is part of the property and we'd like to see it continue as auto repair. 3 bays - know a mechanic looking to carry on the legacy??As to the primary building - it's amazing. The entire building is porcelain-enameled steel - inside and out! We don't know who or what but this would make an amazing bar/restaurant.

Think ok Joe's KC (Oklahoma Joe's) that is located in a gas station. We think theming/naming the restaurant - OK Garage - and using the motif and elements from the garage would be a great way of maintaining the history and make for a really cool environment for the business. Know anyone ready to run/own a restaurant/pub?? Darn good food will be a requirement!!

As Downtown Shawnee revitalizes with Nieman Now, Stag's Creek Development, Transport Brewery, Aztec Shawnee, and more, we're planning to make this property a central attraction in this exciting redevelopment area.

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