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An Owner’s Representative is a person or group who acts as the advocate for an owner who does not have the time, staff, or experience in development construction to undertake a new project.  The role of the Owner’s Representative (Owner’s Rep) is to lead the owner’s interests in their relationship with governmental and utility entities, architect, engineer, contractor and other vendors. The Owner’s Rep will control the overall coordination efforts between the design team members to assure that the development timeline is kept on-time and the finished design satisfies the owner’s expectations.  Key to Owner’s Representation is that the Owner’s Rep takes no equity in the development building value exclusively for the Owner.

Owner’s Rep services include:

  1. Analyzing feasibility for the project to be successful for ownership

  2. Advising the owner on project delivery systems and forms of contracts

  3. Serving as a single point of contact between contractors and designers

  4. Securing governmental entitlements

  5. Representing the owner at key meetings

  6. Monitoring the project schedule and budget

  7. Auditing quality assurance/quality control procedures

  8. Assisting in evaluating contractor payment requests

  9. Providing monthly reporting

  10. Facilitating issue resolution

Owner’s Representative Services

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